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 Pauline Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Uganda empowering Ugandans through practical education to end the poverty cycle.

Uganda is one of the countries with the world’s youngest population with over 78 percent of its population below the age of 30. The country also has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in sub-Sahara Africa close to 64%. The youth crime rate has increased to around 42 percent because the youth are idle and not engaged in productive activities. HIV/AIDS rate has increased to 11.6 percent.

“Pauline Foundation” is focusing on educating, equipping and empowering the youth with income-generating life skills with an emphasis of enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, innovation and technology to change the individuals’ mindset from job seeking to job creation.

Pauline Foundation was founded by Pauline Nalumansi Mugisha a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Global Affairs and Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University. Pauline growing up went through a series of abuse, trauma and life challenges. She found herself in living situations that initially offered safety and shelter but too often turned out to be at best temporary and sometimes dangerous. She was abused and exploited, often put to work as an unpaid maid: the scars on her arms are a reminder that for a while she washed all of the laundries for nine people by hand, scrubbing until the skin on her wrists bled. Along the way, she lost track of her brother but later found him.

Pauline won a full scholarship to come to America and study accounting at Arizona State University through the MasterCard Scholars Program. Upon graduation, she won another full scholarship to study her masters at Thunderbird through SHARE Fellowship.  Pauline was one day praying and asking God to heal her from the depression she was going through when God told her to use her story and start a ministry that would bring healing to people going through similar challenges like hers.


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